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Large Peony Cutter Set

(While stocks last)

£19.99 plus postage

We are thrilled to be able to bring you this set of 4 easy to use Peony Cutters. Each set contains a 5\", a 4\", a 3.5\" and a 3\" cutter. See our peony cutter tutorial for instructions.

Vintage Heart Plunger Cutters - set of 3

£7.99 plus postage

Everyone needs a great set of Heart Cutters and these ones leave a beautiful vintage embossed print on your hearts too! They come in a set of 3 with the largest at 2.5 inches, 2 inches and 1.5 inches. Pictured here simply layered up and frilled around the edges, using the blunt end of a paintbrush!

Large Lace Plunger Cutter

Size 4.5 x 1.5 inches - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE

£8.99 plus postage

Our beautiful larger lace plunger cutter has incredible detail and is so easy to use. Simply roll out your fondant or florist paste, press down, and 'hey presto' you are rewarded with a beautiful piece of lace applique. It looks stunning lustered with edible lustre dust in any colour. Use on top of your cupcakes for a vintage lace look, or add pieces to a larger cake to build up a stunning design!

Small Lace Plunger Cutter

Size 3 x 1 inches

£7.99 plus postage

This beautiful lace plunger cutter allows you to easily make stunning lace applique for your cakes.

Modelling Tool Set

Set of 14, length 4.5 inches

£8.99 plus postage

A fantastic set of 14 Modelling Tools that we use all the time for making tiny details on our figures, to veining petals and adding texture to our flowers. Included in the set are the following: Double Ended Bone Tool, Shell and Blade Tool, Serrated and Tapered Cone Tool, Scallop and Comb Tool, Ball Tool, Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool, Cutting Tool and Fine Detail Tool.

Blossom Plungers Veined Details

£8.99 plus postage

Set of three beautiful blossom plungers. Largest size 5cm, smallest size 3cm. Use to make beautiful veined blossoms in different sizes. Please see our free video tutorial.

Blossom Cutters

£8.99 plus postage

A set of five fantastic blossom cutters. This set comes with five different designs. A real favourite here at Le Beau Cake, essential for making tiny blossoms easily. Largest size 2.5cm, smallest size 1.5cm.

Foam Drying Pad

£4.50 plus postage

An essential piece of kit to give a beautiful curved shape to your flowers and butterflies. (Flowers not included)

Petal Veiner

£8.99 plus postage

This large petal veiner is hand-made from high quality food-grade silicon. Use with florist paste or fondant to create beautiful 'deep' veined details on your petals, leaves and flowers. Size 6cm wide by 7.5cm long. (Pictured here using our smallest peony cutter to create a beautiful flower)

Blossom Plungers

£8.99 plus postage

A set of 4 Blossom Plungers to make delicate little blooms

Black Edible Pearls 10g

£1.75 plus postage

A perfect size for adding eyes to fondant figures, and we use these in our 'Art Deco Cupcakes' tutorial too.

Black Sparkling Sugar 50g

£3.45 plus postage

Beautiful Black Sparkling Sugar crystals. Use to add a sparkle to your decorations. Top off with a sprinkling of Edible White glitter for even more sparkle and shine!

White Sparkling Sugar 50g

£1.99 plus postage

Beautiful White Sparkling Sugar crystals.Use to add a sparkle to your decorations. Top off with a sprinkling of White Edible `glitter for even more sparkle and shine.

Edible White Glitter 5g

£3.05 plus postage

A tiny sprinkling of Edible White Glitter enhances your decorations even more. A little goes a long way!

Flower Middle Ball 1 inch, pack of 5

£2.50 plus postage

Our fantastic 1 inch round Flower Middle Balls. We use them for the middles of our 'Wired Peonies'.

Quilting Tool

£4.99 plus postage

A gorgeous mini Quilter, that gives a 'quilted' effect simply. Used in our Pink and White Quilted Cupcakes Tutorial.

Double Sided Bow Cutter

£4.50 plus postage

A clever cutter that we use time and time again at Le Beau Cake. Used in our 'Dotty Bows Cupcake Tutorial'.

Gold Edible Lustre Dust

£2.95 plus postage

A real essential item to highlight and paint your flowers and decorations with. Used on its own and simply brushed over for a light effect, or add a little vodka or rejuvenator spirit to make an edible gold paint for a darker effect.

Pearl Edible Lustre Dust

£2.95 plus postage

A real essential item to highlight and paint with, and to make beautiful 'edible pearls'. Use on its own simply brushed over for a light effect, or add a little vodka or rejuvenator spirit to make an edible pearl paint.

Flower Veiner

£4.99 plus postage

A brilliant little veiner to give real life like details to you flowers. Use with our pack of 5 metal cutters [sold seperately] or with the largest size cutter of our 'Blossom Plungers' set.

Dotty Stencil

£4.99 plus postage

A quick and easy way to add spots or dots to your cakes and cupcakes! Perfect results every time.

Birdcage Stencil

£4.99 plus postage

A beautiful brass stencil that can be used with edible lustre powders or edible paints. Simply press the stencil down on to your pre-treated fondant and lift off. You will be left with the gorgeous Birdcage design. Used in our 'Simply Stencilled Cupcake Tutorial'.

Flower Foam Pad

£4.99 plus postage

An essential piece of equipment that enables you to frill and roll petals and flowers with ease.

White Edible Shimmer Pearls 50g

£2.35 plus postage

Beautiful White Shimmery Edible Pearls that look fantastic sprinkled on to cakes or used as centres for tiny flowers.

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Postage to the rest of the world is charged at £8.99.

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