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8 Cake Tutorial Credits


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Buy 8 tutorial cake credits in a bundle, and spend them on whichever tutorials you please. With new tutorials being added all the time, it is the best way to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Duck Egg Blue and Gold Cupcakes

39 min - £4.99

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A gorgeous collection using duck egg blues, creams and golds. We show you how to hand-make your own leaves without any cutters, adding a 3D effect to your cupcakes. Learn how to paint with 'edible gold shimmer' and the Le Beau Cake technique for these delicate cream roses.

Art Deco Couture Cupcakes

42 min - £4.99

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A beautiful set of 9 Edible jewel encrusted cupcakes with a real Art Deco design element to them. These cupcakes sparkle and twinkle beautifully and would be the star attraction at any occasion!

Pink and White Quilted Cupcakes

45 min - £4.99

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Learn how to make these stunning cupcakes with beautiful quilting and ruffles that look like silk! We show you a simple, clever way to make these roses and how to get a 'silky fabric' look to your finished cakes.

Dotty Bows Cupcakes

35 min - £4.99

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Learn how to make these beautiful 'high domed' cupcakes with sweet white 'polka dots' and pretty bows. You can stick to our gorgeous colours of Sage, Navy and Pink as shown here, or make them in your own signature colours!

Six Handmade Roses

27 min - £4.99

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Learn how to make these 6 stunning roses using Le Beau Cake techniques. Made completely by hand, we show you some of our quick and easy methods without the need for cutting out endless petals... Shown here in a stunning red, but you can make them in any colour that you choose!

Vintage Brights

40 min - £4.99

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A gorgeous and unique set of bright 'Vintage style' cupcakes. Learn how to make these 8 pretty designs inspired by gorgeous Cath Kidston fabrics.

Lace Covered Cupcakes

25 min - £4.99

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Learn how to make this gorgeous set of Lace Covered cupcakes. You will learn how to produce beautiful lace and heart designs, and how to make your decorations shimmer beautifully. You can make them in soft pinks and blues as seen here, or as with all of our designs, you can choose your own colour scheme depending on the occasion!

Enchanted Garden Cupcakes

44 min - £4.99

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Masses of delicate trailing blossoms and tiny veined flowers, with highlights of gold, make up our beautiul 'Enchanted Garden' design. Learn how to make this stunning and unique Le Beau Cake design.